2007 layout

February 2009 for some time the display was corrupted if I attempted to run the software on my widescreen laptop. After some investigation I found that the graph-unit of Free Pascal had problems writing lines at at angle at certain sectors of the screen. When the window was resized the missing lines would appear out of nowhere. Straight lines and solid bars could be drawn anywhere without problems. Also the procedure outtextxy() could write characters everywhere on the screen as opposed to putting single pixels there. In the end I wrote a new procedure drawing lines at an angle of 0, 45 or 90 degrees by writing a succession of smal dot characters. The new procedure is significantly slower than the old one, so an extra feature was added updating only those parts of the screen where changes have been made since last write.

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July 2008: I added a box to give local control of the points at one of the stations. The box is locked until it is released by the signalman in the control centre. The shunting staff will the set the points locally for their shunting movements. When shunting is complete the shunting staff must telephone the signalman, who will restore the box to it's normal ie locked position.

December 18th the catenary reached track 1 of the other terminus. By new year all tracks had caternary but two, which were completed just before Easter 2008.

The layout is now completed as such. Buildings and scenery will be added during the summer. I will glue the new houses in the garden avoiding the toxic fumes.

I want to repeat I never mix 16 kV and 25 kV locomotives on the layout at the same time. Tho photographs are recorded at different occations.

I would like to mention only the signals and points (switches) are computer controlled. The locomotives are controlled manually with an array of control 80 and 80f's.

I am writing the software in Free Pascal and it should compile into Linux or Windows. The current version of Linux does not support libvga making the program windows-only.

Track sections, points and routes are edited in 3 text-files read by the programme.

I've put all my sourcefiles on my homepage for 2 very good reasons :

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