The linux project

I started programming the software October 2003 using Free Pascal for Linux
The complete pascal source is listed below. The data-files are included for my own back-up only.

During the rainy summer vacation 2004 routes and signals were installed.

The layout can be controlled from any terminal logged on to my linux computer.

The communication with the old Märklin interface is very unstable and does need a workover.

To set the baud speed I issue this command, but I'm unable to get hardware handshake :

stty -F /dev/cua1 2400 cread cstopb raw -clocal crtscts

As a workaround I have modyfied the programme to be be more tolerant of communication errors.

strk.gif 4589 bytes
m.ppRFC Slagelse ver 3.0 fpc 2 - www.hjelmenet.dk2005060101:51size9225
m_display.pplibrary file for m.pp - both utf-8 and vga2005041419:46size16790
m_ordre.pplibrary file for m.pp - command2005041420:42size11420
x/index.htmlBack up files2005091823:05size1097
x/route.htmlThe route file2005031222:23size1453

Pictlinx ver 3.2 with slideshow - - 20090305 21:58